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 Constr. and Deal Track

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"...delivered usable solutions quickly, listened to the business' needs, and really made the product work for the business."


"...In times of crisis  easily located and willing to work out the details quickly and without question."


"... I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company requiring this skill set."


"..concerned about doing a quality job while minimizing the cost to clients."



Products Main

Engineering Construction and Deal Tracking

This Deal tracking system, allows sales to enter a potential deal. For this company, cables are being installed in various buildings. After the salesperson has entered a particular deal, they request engineering to complete the estimated costs for construction. Once completed and approved by various parties, the salesperson provides a quote to the potential customer.

Key Benefits

bulletNetworked over multiple locations (data replication)
bulletAllows Management, Sales, Engineering, Finance and Legal the ability to track deals
bulletSupports Remote VPN connections
bulletLive Update feature to handle application updates on-line
bulletSecure Deal approval process
bulletEngineering Construction Costing
bulletPipeline Management

Basic Steps for Deal System

1) Employee Info Entered:

2)Sales enters buildings to be quoted for the deal.

3)Engineering enters Costs:

4)Engineering Approves Costs

5)Management Adds additional Pricing Info:

6)Management Approves Pricing:


7)Report Generated: (Page 1 only):

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