Customers-->:    American Standard, R&R Marketing, Ink Stop Inc.,  SmithKline, Speech Interface Design, RCA, Thompson Consumer Electronics, Boeing, City Signal Communications, Micro-Coax, Solid State Cooling. Sovereign Bank, National Westminster Bank  and many others...


What Customers Have to Say...


"...delivered usable solutions quickly, listened to the business' needs, and really made the product work for the business."


"...In times of crisis  easily located and willing to work out the details quickly and without question."


"... I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company requiring this skill set."


"..concerned about doing a quality job while minimizing the cost to clients."



Products Main


bulletFully licensed runtime application distributor for:

        a) Microsoft Access™(You do not need to own Microsoft Access™ to run CDD Inc. Applications!)
        b) Adobe Acrobat™ PDF file distribution (Licensed to create and distribute Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF files)

bulletOnline - Live Update
Live Update process that allows for fast and easy distribution of data files and application updates. 
bulletProprietary CDD Inc Function Library
    Development: Over 300 library function for creating database application. Provides the ability to develop
        application in about 30% of the time as other experienced RAD designers.

    Speed: Many of these function have been optimized over 10 years to use the latest in database indexing
          and processing to create very fast database look-ups and searches.
bullet24/7 support
    CDD Inc. supports various manufacturing facilities that operate 24/7. Therefore, CDD Inc. answers (within 1 hour) all emails and calls 24/7


bulletMicrosoft Access™ (Visual Basic for Applications, Security, API, DAO, ADO) - Expert
bulletOffice Application Integrations (Word™, Excel™, Access™, Outlook™...) - Expert
bulletData Integrity and Data Mining Analysis - Expert
bulletParsing, Normalizing and Analysis of major file formats (txt,cvs, SQLServer, prn etc) - Expert
bulletMicrosoft Access™ data migration to Microsoft SQL Server™ (Expert)
bulletAdministrative and end user Report generation (CEO, CFO, CIO etc.) - Expert
bulletIntegrating "Voice Recognition" Data Collection Systems in Manufacturing
 and Warehousing Applications (Shipping and Receiving) - Expert
bulletMicrosoft SQL Server™(SPs, Security, Admin, Design) - Highly Proficient
bulletAccess Database Replication - Highly Proficient
bulletAutomated FTP processes - Highly Proficient
bulletWindows™ Networking - Highly Proficient
bulletWindows™ and DO operating systems - Highly Proficient
bulletMicrosoft Visual Basic™ - Highly Proficient
bulletWeb Site designs - Proficient
bulletMySQL™ Database design - Proficient

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