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Products Main

(Statistical Tracking and Analysis Reporting)
A Turn-Key solution for tracking the manufacturing process

S.T.A.R. Overview

The S.T.A.R.™ system was designed and developed by Corporate Data Design Inc. as a real-time, turn-key solution to monitor products as they move through the manufacturing process. The system is designed as a ‘batch’ record analysis system which records each piece as it moves through each process. Any data entry method may be used (key-entry, existing hand-held, voice, scanners ...) or CDD can provide customized touch screen data entry software. 

The application is easily customizable for any manufacturing process and supports up to 20 different languages.

By recording the product’s ‘attributes’ at each process, the product analyst, black belt, plant manager, supervisor or employee can monitor the product’s status relative to each process. Each attribute is considered a ‘criteria’ item in the S.T.A.R.™ system. Examples of criteria items are: the time/date the product was produced or inspected, the color, product #, model #, defect information etc. This data is stored either locally (in a PC based database) or, for larger record counts, in a back-end database server. Any combination of criteria items may be selected when performing drill-down analysis.

(The sample screens below are based on a fictitious automobile company and are for demonstration purposes only.)

S.T.A.R. Watcher module (below) allows user to set threshold levels for various processes. Once threshold is reach, automatic emails and paging occur to selected individuals.

The application supports a minimum of 40 attributes (criteria items) for 20 different production processes.

Back-End Database

S.T.A.R.™ has been designed to work with the backend-database of Microsoft’s Jet™ Database engine or Microsoft SQL Server 7.0™. The database is a fully normalized, relational database with a full referential integrity design. It can analysis 100,000’s of records in seconds across multiple attributes. Any other ODBC compliant SQL backend database may also be used.

Production Control Analysis (P.C.A.)

The PCA application is the analysis tool used to evaluate collected information. It provides various real-time pareto charts, trend analysis and drill down capability. It has been designed to give the user the ability to look at any process over any time with any combination of selected criteria items. 

Pareto Analysis (**NEW!- 'Top Value' Selection and %'s Against Criteria Subsets):

Trend Reporting

 Pareto Analysis Charting Allows Any Attribute Vs Any Other Attribute

Touch Screen Data Entry (S.T.A.R.™ Touch)

 In a manufacturing environment, other methods of data entry may be required besides key-data entry. Using the S.T.A.R.™ Touch application allows the operator/inspector to enter data while navigating through various touch screens. Each screen will ask specific questions about a product’s attributes. The data is transmitted to the back-end database and then immediately available for analysis. See S.T.A.R. Touch for more information.

Sample Touch Data Entry Screen:

View Raw Data

If a user wishes to further analyze data outside the features of S.T.A.R.™, they can easily view, sort and run criteria's on the data, 
then copy to another Windows™ compliant application.


The S.T.A.R.™ system allows substantial user flexibility. All reference information is available to the administrative user through various data entry screens. Users may add/modify "any" acceptable attribute item. User may specify rules to limit what users may enter as valid data thus providing strong data integrity. In addition, administrative users may view and edit the raw data.

Employee Data Entry Screen

Raw Data Edit/Add/View

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